wtorek, 23 czerwca 2009

Listening to the voice of Sea

Hi everyone! I'm off for a few days. I'm going to visit my family, so I won't post anything for a few days;)!

credit: tfs

piątek, 19 czerwca 2009

Holiday Passion- nude colors

white vintage blazer, zara jeans, bershka shoes, h&m white blazer, h&m brown belt,
guess by marciano watch

Ohh I'm soo happy! Today was the end of the school year and I've officially got holidays!! Today my outfit was inspired by Stella McCartney s/s 2009 collection. It's one of my favourite this summer. I found this white vintage blazer a while ago on the Internet. And it cost only 3 $! I didn't have any ocasions to wear it, because the weather was soo bad. I added jeans to my outfit to make it more casual. At this time those from the photos are my favourite. It's because of its classical jeans shade. And the zipp makes them special. In fact jeans always were my love. I can wear them all the time. They can make a miracle. When you want to be elegant, but not too much just wear jeans with your blazer.
I'm really in love with my new shoes. They are soo comfy. And that shade of pink is just perfect! I really need to wear more nude colors this summer. Do you also have summer holidays right now? Kiss, Kiss

czwartek, 18 czerwca 2009

Anna Jagodzinska- model No. 1 !!

Congrats to Anna Jagodzinska! She is first on the list of the 25 best topmodels by lexposure.net .

She was on the cover of last american Vogue Magazine and now she's named the most succesfull model! She's one of my favourite model and she's from Poland! There's no doubts that she is a natural beauty. And her style is so great!

source: lexposure
photos: google

poniedziałek, 15 czerwca 2009

Miroslava Duma

Miroslava Duma in New York City. That girl knows what fashion looks like !

credit: street peeper

sobota, 13 czerwca 2009

Blazers, blazers

black cardi: h&m
white oversized tee: h&m
jeans: zara
peach scarf: reserved

Yesterday I went for a little shopping, because I wanted to buy some presents for my friend's birthday. Of course I couldn't stand just watching everything. I needed to try on something! ;)
I've chosen blazers. Definitelly I need to buy one. Of course I've got a few ones, but they are one of my favourite things to wear. I've tryed on a few ones. What do you thing about them? Whitch one suits me best? Military jacket, sand blazer or classic black blazer?

wtorek, 9 czerwca 2009

blue lagoon

Finally the weather is getting better and better. I'm soo happy that i don't have to take an umberella every time I'm leaving my home. To celebrate a good weather I went for a walk. It's nearly the end of the school year so my brain is only thinking about holidays. And that's why I wore blue shirt and light blue jeans- I'm just dreaming about going to the beach near the ocean! And the whole outfit reminds me the blue water of the ocean;)!

Zara blue shirt, Bershka light blue skinnies, H&M shoes, Chanel 2.55 bag

poniedziałek, 8 czerwca 2009

Like a candy

I really need to say that i love shoes! For me they are better than any chocolate! And those from Balmain would be perfect for the night summer parties! Just imagine dancing all the night while having them on your feet and just enjoying your life!

source: shoelust

czwartek, 4 czerwca 2009

a few basics

This is what i bought. Only a few basics, but i can wear them almost with everything.
1.Simple a little transparent vest- oh I needed it so much. I never can say That I've got enough of them! When I don't have to much time in the morning I'm wearing a tank top (oversized or not) with jeans, leggins, some other trouses, shorts or a skirt. A lot of combinations;) Then add some accesories like nice earrings and men's watch, perfect looking shoes and i'm ready to go;)
2.Scarf- it reminds me a peach yoghurt. mmm so yummy. Perfect for some nude stylisations i'm going to make when the weather will be better
3.Black bandage skirt- just like vest. I can wear it with everything. And it got cute zip on the back! Love it!

All from H&M, except the scarf. It's from Reserved.

So what do you think about my new treasures;)?

Have a nice day!

środa, 3 czerwca 2009

simple pieces

leather jacket:bershka;
jeans: zara
grey t-shirt: bershka
black ankle boots: zara
men's watch: guess

Yesterday I was on a little shopping ;) The weather in Poland is soo changable. Right now we've got only 12 degrees and it's raining almost all the time! Yesterday I wanted to wear something simple, because it's not fun when you are on the shopping and have to take off a lot of things to try on some clothes. But also I need to say that i'm a big fan pf simple pieces and play around accesories. This time my chanel bag stayed at home, because I didn't want to make it wet.

Guess what i bought??
I'll give the anwswer in the next post. ;)

xoxo Monika